Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lent is underway

The season of Lent is underway here. No more chocolate for me. (Offering it up many times a day right now since the only things that sound appetizing have chocolate in them. Ole Sparky must be working some OT on this)

Fratello Maggiore took the National Mythology Exam last Thursday. He said he did really well. When we reviewed the questions, he seemed to only miss one! We'll see when we get the official results, but nonetheless, I am so proud of my boy! He takes the National Latin Exam in mid-March, so we are now reviewing for that...

Fratello Piccolo is busy preparing for his First Holy Communion. We are reviewing the Holy Mass in preparation for that.

Half-Pint has taken a new interest in the alphabet, shapes, and numbers! It seems she is ready for more "preschool."

DH started his new job yesterday. He tells me he likes it, but it is noisy. So between jobs, he was spotted at the store buying ear protection. I guess that is a swell idea as I would like him to hear me sometimes :-)

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Anonymous said...

You're very brave to give up chocolate! Good Luck to Anthony on his Mythology Exam & his Latin Exam. Did Adam make his 1st confession? MacKenzie way to go!! Congrats to your DH on the new job! Have a wonderful Lenten season! Hope to see you soon!