Thursday, February 8, 2007


Well, I am now under the weather. I think it is from Half-Pint coughing in my face the last few days. She is trying really hard to remember to 'cover her cough', but she is only 3.

Fratello Maggiore complains of a sore throat, too. I didn't give them a day off, but I did give them a light workload today of only spelling and math. If they feel up to it, they will work on that gladiator kit that is downstairs waiting for them. (I think they will - after all, that is not work to them but fun!) Education disguised as fun works every time!!!

Struggle of the day: me feeling human (instead of an incubator of microbes!)

Prayer of the day: St Francis' prayer

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Carmela said...

I hope you and your family feel better soon!!