Monday, February 5, 2007

The weather outside is 5F with wind chills near -20F. We are trying to survive our deep freeze. I am about to go stir crazy. The kids are out in the snow nearly every day, but not yesterday and today. Just knowing that they cannot go out and play (in wind chills of -20F!) is creating cabin fever in the boys. This, in turn, creates friction between the two and soon I am witness to short tempers and less-than-charitable actions in all 3 children. I am looking forward to later this week when I can let them get out there and play. I am praying for good warm weather by Wednesday... 20F would be a nice balmy day after today.

Today we are working on Latin and Ancient Rome. We just learned about the Colosseum (gladiators), Circus Maximus (chariot races) , the Roman Theatre (plays) , and the Thermae (baths). The boys are, of course, enamored with the gladiators and are now making gladiator paper dolls (no doubt ready for mortal combat).

Half-Pint has decided that she alone gets to touch her Polly Pockets. SIGH - I guess that lessons in sharing are in order there.

Struggle of the day: Fratello maggiore and his math. He seems to 'forget' how to work fractions when he is asked to add or subtract them.

With each struggle of the day comes my offering of suffering...

Prayer of the day: Domine Iesu Christe, Filius Dei, miserere me peccatorem! (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner!)

This may be the same every day for quite a while - LOL

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