Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Are we frozen yet?

I am waiting for someone to officially declare us freezer pops. We are still in that arctic blast and the (non wind-chill) temperature is 2F. It feels like -12F out there. The poor dogs have to go out there occasionally! BRRRRRR

CCD was canceled last night. That is good since Fratello Maggiore complained of sore throat and Fratello Piccolo seems to be congested. This way they didn't miss anything by staying home.

Today our plans are to stay warm and cozy in the house and to catch up on extra school stuff that seems to fall by the wayside in a normal week. We will work on Cub Scout advancements and I think I will help the boys complete their Religious Pins: Fratello Piccolo has Light of Christ and Fratello Maggiore has Parvuli Dei. Their Blue and Gold Banquet is in two weeks and they are very eager to have their awards nearly completed by then.

The boys have gone on a rabbit trail with gladiators, so we continue to pursue that subject. They are begging me to let them have the Roman Gladiator action figure kit that I picked up at Scholastic last year...

Struggle of the day: compound subjects. Why on earth do I have a child who seems to think he can write down ONE noun and call that a compound subject?! (Yes, I am offering it up!) I can't wait until he gets to compound predicates! LOL

Prayer of the day (once again): Domine Iesu Christe, Filius Dei, miserere me peccatorem! (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner!)

My mantra today seems to be: "Fratello Maggiore ... get to work." "Fratello Maggiore ... get to work."

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