Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fratello Piccolo and HalfPint

Here are pics of Fratello Piccolo at the Blue and Gold Banquet:

He received his belt loops, patches, and pins and a really cool patch blanket from his den.

His den did a funny little skit about not being afraid of anything but those icky girl scouts - LOL

Not to leave HalfPint out of things - I caught her again doing crafts. Here she is making a St. Valentine Day craft at a homeschooling event:

Fratello Maggiore is now a Boy Scout!

This year's Blue and Gold Banquet was a special one for us. Fratello Maggiore is no longer a Cub Scout...

...he got his Arrow of Light award (plus a real arrow) for Bridging over to Boys Scouts.

Here he is actually shooting his arrow... this is part of the ceremony before bridging over.

Here he is with the other 4 new Boy Scouts. His best friend "JP" is in the center.
We are so proud of him and he is excited to be moving on to bigger responsibility and more fun as a full-fledged scout!

In a ditch

Two weeks ago I decided to drive to the neigbor's house (instead of walking like a good gal in such bad weather.) This was the result. Thank goodness for AAA...

As we were sliding into the ditch, my mantra was, "We should have walked! We should have walked!"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Praise and honor to you, O Lord Jesus Christ!!! My prayers have been answered.

Jeff just got great news last night...

he will finally be down to ONE JOB! Yippee, yahoo!!! The tool and die apprenticeship has finally turned into his career! He is so excited and so are we as he will be home a little more often.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

An important day...

Praise and glory to Christ!! Today my father had his Rite of Sending at church. The best part is that I got to cantor the Mass! So I was able to raise my voice in prayer and song on such a special day. What a blessing this family has received today... (I am praying that I am able to cantor/co-cantor Easter Vigil, too.)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mardi Gras party yesterday...

The Trio and I help my friend Carmela and her family celebrate Mardi Gras yesterday. Here is where you can read about the festivities and view a few pics:

So now begins our season of Lent. The kids are lucky - they are too young to make a fast, so my tummy is the only one that is grumblin' right now. I decided to give up chocolate and to limit myself to 1 mug of coffee a day. Now to focus on prayer...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Finally photos! but with a catch...

Well, it seems the only way to get photos on my blog is to go to Carmela's house. She is my high-speed internet friend. (I am still on dial up, need I say more?!)

So I will post pics whenever I can do so from Carmela's "house of FIOS." So if I call up Carmela and say "Hey, can we come over?" she is going to say "WHAT?! Just to post photos? What am I: house-of-uploading-fotos R Us??!"

Honestly Carmela, I luv ya, my friend in Christ!