Monday, March 19, 2007

Lent is marching on...

If I have to say "That's enough! Get your work done!" one more time... (see previous posts)
Yet another thing that I am offering it up to Heaven!

I was disappointed to hear that there seems to be no second annual Catholic homeschooling Conference in our area. It seems(to me) that this particular blessing left with the former Bishop... I hope I am proven wrong about this.

Now that most of the running around for tests is over, let me recap. Fratello Maggiore took the National Mythology Exam in February and took the National Exploratory Latin Exam last week. He seems to have done well. At least that is what he tells me, I completely stayed out of the process, except for purchasing the materials and reminding him to read and study. It was, if nothing else, a good opportunity to practice taking standardized tests...

Fratello Maggiore tells me he really enjoys mythology. Both boys love ancient Greece and Rome, since they get to practice being Spartans and Gladiators. (LOL - it is a good thing they are not learning about the unmentionable aspects of those civilizations or I'd be in constant fear for their eternal souls already!) So I sigh to myself, look Heavenward, but allow the sparring to continue. I DID manage to ban it to the great outdoors, however. Score one for the Mom team!

Fratello Piccolo chose Benedict as his Confirmation name! He had it narrowed down to St. George or St. Benedict at first. One month until his First Holy Communion/Confirmation!

Half-Pint seems to enjoy everything and even did a crayon resist of our solar system today. She sure is quite a bit of sunshine every day here at St. Francis of Assisi Independent Learning Academy!

I cannot even count the days without chocolate so far, but no other sweets can even compare, so I am at least keeping the sugar ingestion low... Although it seems that the more stressed I get, the more I miss it :-(

I know, I know. Another thing to offer up to Heaven...

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Carmela said...

How is the rest of your Lent going? I feel for you with the homeschooling! My kids are doing the same thing. We're taking Holy Week off, so we can bake, and meditate on the week. And yes the Catholic Homeschooling Conference did not happen because we have no "permenant" bishop. I'm glad that Anthony did well on his tests. I wish they would do Communion & Confirmation both at our church. I didn't give anything up for Lent because I knew that I would break it. So I offer up all my sufferings to the poor souls in purgatory. I hope to get to meet you soon one day. Are you going with the group to the farm May 1st? Have a Blessed rest of Lent & Holy Week! Take Care