Wednesday, January 16, 2008

chillin out on Mama's bed

I am updating my blog and enjoying my cuppa java in peace. Well, peace as only a homeschooler would understand...

I have Fratello Maggiore doing his math at his desk - under threat of loss of the priveledge of participating in this year's Pinewood Derby...

Fratello Piccolo is, as always, willingly at his work and eagerly anticipating a piano lesson... he will get done in a timely manner so that he can finish his Pinewood Derby car's paint job. Dad wants to work with them on attaching the wheels tonight.

Half Pint is beside me on my bed. She has taken it upon herself to instruct me in the assembly of a 6-picture cube puzzle. We have already completed two pictures and she is deciding which of the remaining 4 to do next.

Also, I have added a link to my sidebar. I have been notified of the attempt to make parental rights a constitutional amendment and I like the idea.

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