Thursday, August 16, 2007

School has started

Oh my goodness! I can hardly believe it has been that long since my last post. Time flies and every time I sit down to post, life's events seem to turn me away. God's Will be done, I say!

School has begun here at St. Francis. Fratello Maggiore has started his middle school years. His work load is heavier that last year, but is still perfectly reasonable. If you ask him though, I have now enslaved him :-)
His work is as follows: followed by the time it should take to complete each day
  • Singapore Math 5 30 minutes
  • CHC Grammar 15 minutes and Spellers level D 20 minutes
  • Handwriting 5 minutes
  • Reading comprehension Stories of the Saints 1 15 minutes
  • US history (Sea to Shining Sea) 15 minutes
  • Geography (Cath Geo Bee and Map Skills 5) 15 minutes
  • Science (Universe in My Hands) 15 minutes
  • Catechism: Faith and Life 5 and Exploring the Mass 20 minutes
  • Latin: Latina Christiana 1 15 minutes

I give him twice as much time per subject to complete his work. Anything not done by the end of his time is homework and he must do it before dinner in order to participate in any extra evening activities. You'd think I just chained him to the floor or something the way he has been carrying on about this the past two weeks. I am trying to be patient and teach him that it can be done if he stays on task. He'll have a ton of free time again once he gets this concept...

Fratello Piccolo has been doing a super job with schooling so far. A few moans and groans, of course, but he stays on task and he does not mind working ahead to finish early. His school work looks like this:

  • Singapore Math 3
  • CHC Grammar and Speller, level B
  • Reading comp. Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls
  • Handwriting
  • Georaphy of Continents and Countries (Cath Geo Bee and Map Skills 3)
  • Behold and See 3 Science
  • Catechism: Faith and Life 3 and Called to Serve
  • Latin: Prima Latina

Half-Pint just told me that she wants to do school now! I asked her the other day what she wants to learn and she said excitedly, "Maf!" I said "Math? OK then, we'll start with your numbers and letters. OK?" She nodded quickly and went dancing away to play with her animal figures. So I have been giving her things to count and things to match and pre-writing skills worksheets.

One of my favorite homeschool tips: to honor the copyright, but to make a consumable into a non-consumable, I simply cover the workbook page with a clear plastic report cover and have the student write with low-odor dry erase markers. I quickly check the work and remove plastic and erase!!