Friday, August 31, 2007


Well, it seems as if Big Brother is on our back... I just received a letter from our school district. They claim we are out of compliance because I didn't give them a copy of my diploma or send them the children's health records.

Oi vey! First of all, my legally notarized affidavit attests that I indeed have a high school diploma (I didn't mention all the education that occurred after that - LOL) and that I am claiming a medical ethical/religious exemption. (Ethically, they have no business knowing about our personal health! It is my responsibility to see to/protect their health and welfare AND THEIR PRIVACY!).

You'd think that school districts have enough to worry about with all the children that attend their schools. They have to nitpick our little home schools, especially over such redundancy?
I called the Dept of Education and verified that my document was enough to satisfy the state law. IT IS!!

I just finished a nice polite "Sorry-but-you-have-all-the-info-that-I-am-required-to-give-you-by-law" letter and am sitting here trying not to fume, but to let it go...

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