Thursday, August 30, 2007

4 weeks down

Has it been two weeks already? Wow!

We are finishing the end of our 4th week of school and all is going fairly well. I offer things up to Heaven daily, but I can't complain...

Fratello Maggiore does not have the concept of the timing of his subjects yet. Although, to me it does seem that he is slowly making progress. Micro baby steps are STILL baby steps...

Fratello Piccolo seems to really love learning, no matter the subject! Hallelujah!!! He is constantly asking to do more and I am happy to let him :-)

Half Pint is happy doing dry-erase writing skills and art projects. We read a lot of books to her and she still enjoys "reading" to her tank full of fire belly toads.

We are currently hosting a Flat Traveller named Ladybug. We hope to take her someplace cool this weekend.

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