Monday, June 4, 2007

The End of the school year

Well, the 2006-2007 school year is now in its final death throes... LOL A little spelling to finish is all we require now. I have the lesson plans for 5th and 3rd grades ready for next school year. All of next year's school books are already on the shelf so that I can now relax and enjoy the summer. I won't have to do any work until the night before we begin the 2007-2008 school year.

Fratello Maggiore gets his portfolio and evaluator's letter turned into the school district tomorrow morning. I am happy his 4th grade is now finished. He starts middle school work next year already! He is now starting to earn time for the local library's reading program.

Fratello Piccolo is finished with 2nd grade and is already working on his summer math workbook. He is well into earning time for the local library's reading program, also, and is happily enjoying "summer break."

Half-Pint is busy playing with her backpack full of animals and reads the book Froggy Gets Dressed to her tankful of fire-belly toads each night after she gets her own bedtime story. She loves helping Mama and Daddy with yard and garden work.

The past month has brought us many blessings:

I just heard that a friend of ours had her 4th child! I am so happy for her family!

Another friend is awaiting her 6th child - she is in my prayers daily.

Mom and I were inducted into the Sisters of Mary Immaculate Collaborators. We now pray with and for the Sisters daily. It was a blessing to attend the 3rd annual meeting yesterday!

The boys attended another karate competition over the Memorial Day Weekend. They only competed in sparring and Fratello Maggiore placed second in his division. Fratello Piccolo was eliminated in the first round, but his spirits quickly picked up when he decided to learn to be quicker.

We had another homeschooling family over one Sunday afternoon. We had such a great time! All the kids seemed to get along and we parents only had to referee once. LOL - you'll have that though - personalities and/or wills clash even in the best of circumstances... I pray that my family and Carmela's can get together again soon! We love being the "country mice" with all the space and peaceful neighborhood where my "city mice" friends can come and escape the hustle and bustle. All the adults had an equally great time talking and getting to know each other better. I think nest trip is for us to go to the city so I hope we can do that soon :-)

The kids and I attended the latest Byzantine Mass and picnic that followed. This time was not as well-attended as the previous gathering, so we missed seeing some of our friends. Fr. Paul gave a great talk about Pentacost and had the kids compare two icons he brought. We mothers decided to pray about starting a Catholic Co-op nearby. The boys had a blast playing Jedi Knights so much that I had to make them sit and eat lunch!

My grandmother seems to be doing well. I have been praying for healing for her and also for her sister who had some surgery. I know my grandmother has missed her terribly.

Now our summer can bring some warm weather joys: camping, hiking, gardening, summer reading, and BARE FEET!

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Carmela said...

I will keep your Grandma in my prayers..We had such a wonderful time with you guys also..Hope all is well..Take Care..