Saturday, May 5, 2007

Yearly wrap-up

Well, our year is nearly over. Our 180 days (PA state law) have been completed for nearly 3 weeks now, but we all know what a joke that is since homeschooling never stops...
The boys are nearly finished. This is what they had to complete this year:

Fratello Maggiore
God's Little Angels - summer reading
My Catholic Speller, C - still has 8 lessons
Language of God, C - still has couple weeks of work left to do
Faith and Life 4 - what is left will be summer reading
Writing Can Help - finished
Called to Serve - finished
Singapore Math 4 - still has a couple weeks of work left to do
Ancient History, Greece - finished
Mythology - finished and tested
Latin - finished and tested

Fratello Piccolo
Devotional Stories for Little Folks - summer reading
My Catholic Speller, A - still has 9 lessons
Language of God, A - has a week of work left
Faith and Life 2 - what is left will be summer reading
Little Acts of Grace - summer reading
Writing Can Help - finished
Singapore Math 2 - finished
Ancient History, Greece - finished
Latin - finished

This is it. Except for wrapping up things, the kids are done. All I ask of them during the summer is reading and math review. They have joined the library's summer reading program so the things we put off for summer reading will count toward their hours :-) I also have some math workbooks that will keep their minds from straying too far all summer. I figure about 15 minutes of math twice a week should to it.
I am already planning next school year so that I don't have to do it over the summer. Fratello Maggiore's lesson plans are done. Fratello Piccolo's are next. Once they are finished, I can sit back and relax with gardening and camping all summer ;-)

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Would you be willing to share a little insight on your planning for next year? I am trying to see what I can do differently next year for my kids. I want to go from a 4 day week to a 5 day week. I think this would work better. If you have an example of your lesson plan maybe I can come up with something. Thanks..