Saturday, May 5, 2007

Camp is open!

Well, since all 7 of us were available today (no one had to work - YIPPEE), we were able to take a day trip up to camp. Our camp is only a little over an hour from here and easily accessible 24/7/365. The kids love it - camping, hiking, biking, playgrounds, pool, lake and minutes from a state park and big lake where we can fish, ride the bike trail, swim, sail, etc.
Every year, we avoid sleeping at camp until we have had a chance to clean the lots (i.e. rake and dispose of leaves) and camper. It took the 4 adults about 5 hours to clean up all leaves and scrub the camper. It was a blessing that we were able to do this all in a few hours (as opposed to days) and have it ready for any overnight any of us decide to make.
This week the kids and I may drive up on Thursday and stay through Saturday, but that is dependent on the weather forecast. No use sitting indoors in a cold rain up there if we could do it at home (and I could still get laundry, etc. handled). I just checked the weather and it seems to be a good time to go -- sunny and mid- to upper-70's!

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