Monday, June 4, 2007

WARNING - Adult content!

An IM from a friend who lives in the same school district I do. It leaves my scratching my head and wondering about the state of the world. My prayers are with my friend on this one! Please pray for her children on this matter. On condition of anonymity, I got her permission to post this:
my friend: you still there?
me: yup
my friend: you aren't gonna believe this
my friend: ds#1 just handed me a paper he had in school...... a test
my friend: on contraceptives
my friend: wt (expletive deleted)??
my friend: he had to write a paper on whether or not he wants to have s** [word for marital act] then he had a contraceptive match-up test.....can you believe it???
me: Oh my goodness! that is exactly why these guys are home with me!
me: that is ridiculous!

my friend: yes it is
my friend: they also discussed with them s** [word for marital act] toys!
me: what grade is ds#1 in?!
my friend: what do s** [word for marital act] toys have to do with anything?????? He is in 8th grade!
me: talking about such things is PORNOGRAPHY!
my friend: yep
me: what can you say [to the school] about that?
my friend: i really don't know, i'm (expletive deleted)
me: I'll pray for ya on this one - this is totally uncalled for! 8th grade?! I wasn't introduced to such topics until college and then I had to get special permission to take a course that "talked a little more explicitly about personal matters of sexuality" Students had to be 21 or older! Oh, and my college course talked about diseases and rape - not toys and related stuff!
my friend: i can't believe they did not get my permission to do this
me: you'd better check this out - but I believe that the schools have taken the position that they no longer have to bother getting permission from the parents on any "health education" matters
my friend: s** [word for marital act] toys? health education?? lmao
my friend: the kid can't spell but he knows how to use a d****??

me: <---- shaking my head -- exactly the sad state of things, yes?
my friend: i need to get him alone and find out exactly what was said
me: oh goodness - how sad! it still blows my mind what kids are 'taught'... mercy!

Sts Margaret of Cortona, Agatha, Dymphna, Maria Goretti
Pray for us...
Mary, Mother of God
Pray for us...

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Carmela said...

I know how your friend feels..That is one of the main reasons I started homeschooling..And they want to start in lesser grades now..Like 5th & 6th..God Help us!! I will pray for your friend & her son..